Are There Any Fad Diets That Work?

“There are no fad diets that work,” say most health experts. Yet, there is a misconception here that needs to be understood. There are actually plenty of fad diets that work well, but only for a short period of time. Fad diets are mostly made for dramatic weight loss over a very short period of time – say, a week or two, at most. Some of them are more effective than others, and might just be what you need in order to jumpstart a brand new diet. Here’s a run-through of some of the better picks for dieters that actually want to see fad diets that work.

fad diets that work

Extreme Fad Diets That Work Quickly

There are two fad diets that work really fast, and those are the Cabbage Soup Diet and the Lemonade Diet. Both are easily researched online, but one of them is slightly less safe than the other. If you are going to go for the Lemonade Diet, it is absolutely crucial that you do not stay on the diet for more than 3 days. People can stay on the Cabbage Diet for as long as a week, but you can’t use this as a permanent fix because of the fact that the diet isn’t balanced enough to provide the nutrition you need in order to function. Both the Cabbage Diet and the Lemonade Diet often have jaw-dropping results, such as a weight loss of 5 or more pounds in a single week. This might be why many models choose those two fad diets.

Fad Diets That Work For Your Long Term Health

If you are looking for fad diets that work well, but can be used for more than a week, it’s a very good idea to consult with your doctor. Two so-called fad diets that work well without causing physical harm include the South Beach Diet, and the Zone Diet. People have stayed on both diets for years without feeling sick or weak, so they are considerably safer than diets which are meant for only a week or two of dieting at a time.

fad diets that work

One of the best fad diets that work well for women and men is the Fat Burning Furnace, one of the newest diets to hit the scene. It’s natural, safe, and also provides results that will make people wonder what your secret happens to be. Best of all, it’s easy to follow because you can tailor it to your personal needs.

Though there are many fad diets that work well, there have been some cases where people chose to use diet pills as a replacement for good diet and exercise practices. In these cases, the effects might seem good at the start, but many people who choose to lose weight by using diet pills alone often regret it once side effects occur, or when their overall wellbeing is harmed. Most doctors agree that if you are going to look for fad diets that work, diet pills should not be a part of the equation. It’s best to use your common sense when looking for a great new diet, and it’s also important for women and men who have health problems to talk with their doctors before they decide to try a more extreme fad diet. After all, it is your health at risk!